Great White Heron, 2009



October 29 -- Spotted by Mike Boucher at Coggeshall Street Bridge across from Nye Oil - 7:50 am

September 18 -- Spotted by Matt Richard at Long Road- noontime

September 11-- Photographed at 7pm by Jackie Kenworthy at Long Road

September 9-- Boys Creek Marsh from Hurricane Dike off Egypt Lane (again, at lunchtime)

September 8-- Boys Creek Marsh area from the Hurricane Dike at Egypt Lane

September 2- Spotted in Boys Creek Marsh area from Hacker Street

September 1--Seen by the Kenworthys at Long Road

August 31--Long Road - Photos by Jackie & Ashleigh Kenworthy

August 26-- Seen by Marshall Iliff at Edgewater Street

August 25--Edgewater/Little Bay

August 20 & 21--Edgewater

August 6-- Long Road

August 4 -- Photographed by Dana Morris on Sconticut Neck

July 30 --Mill Road -- best pictures - Heron in tree

July 25--Egypt Lane from Hacker Street - with blue herons

July 20--Mill Road - closeups

July 19 and 18--Mill Road - closeups

July 9--Original sighting at Atlas Tack

Various reports and reactions to the bird